Component Packaging Reels

Component Packaging Reels

Taped through hole or surface mount components are typically wound onto a take -up reel to prevent damage during transport , handling and storage.

Surface Mount Reels

Component packaging reels provide excellent protection when shipping components packaged in carrier tape. Made from high-impact and general purpose polystyrene (HIPS & GPPS) for added strength and durability, our reels are available in a variety of widths all with anti-static coating.

  • 7” diameter reels available in widths: 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32mm
  • 13” diameter reels available in widths 8-56mm
  • Big space for labels
  • Reel color: White
  • Larger sizes, different colors or material available on request

Through Hole Reels

Are available in a 5 piece assembly consisting of (2) corrugated reel flanges, (1) spiral wound core and (2) hubs made of either plastic or metal. Various core lengths are available depending on your packaging requirements. Corrugated reel flanges are offered in 7" and 14" outside diameters.