Cover Tapes

Cover Tapes

Surface Mount Cover Tapes

Cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to confine the devices in the pockets. Electro-Comp offers both heat activated and pressure sensitive cover tapes to deliver desired sealing results. All in-stock surface mount cover tapes are designed to provide:

  • An ESD safe environment inside the carrier tape pocket
  • Exceptional clarity for in-pocket lead inspection
  • Strength needed for high speed throughput

In stock to fit carrier tape sizes ranging from 8-56mm. Other sizes available upon request. Meets the requirements of EIA 481.

Radial Heat Seal Cover Tape

Heat activated crepe paper cover tape is designed to adhere radial leaded components to the carrier tape specifically designed for high speed radial insertion machines. Offered in 6mm x 200m single wound rolls . Color is cream. Meets the requirements of EIA 468.

Axial Pressure Sensitive Tape

A crepe paper tape used for bandoliering and sequencing of axial leaded components. Offered in 6mm x 180m single wound rolls and in either blue or cream colors. 3000m rolls available on request. Meets the requirements of EIA 296.